Mahi Schoolie Catch

The dolphinfish have been a staple of Florida saltwater fishing for generations, which makes the low mahi population in Florida so concerning. From local fishermen to charter boat captains, the mahi is a seafood favorite and has historically been caught in abundance with tourists and fishermen alike coming from across the nation to partake in

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Breweries for Fisheries, CCA Partnership

Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) Florida’s “Breweries for Fisheries” combines two, great passions – conserving fish and consuming beer. From October 9 to 26, fishing and beer-drinking enthusiasts can support local breweries and protect Florida’s marine resources too. The concept is simple, participants will register for $50 and receive a custom, FloGrown T-shirt, custom FloGrown decal,

Florida Mud Truck Racing in South Florida

With Florida mud truck racing being a big part of culture, we take a deeper dive into the sport with a local racer, Cody Stanley. Don’t think that just because these races are hosted here in Florida that it’s only Floridians that are taking part though! Many racers come from Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi and all

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In this week’s FloGrown Presents, we catch up with Jake Pelot and learn about his love for the sport, why he believes Central Florida is a wakeboarder’s dream and how FloGrown represents the lifestyle he lives. Born and raised in Central Florida, the self-proclaimed wakeboarding capital of the world, Jake represents FloGrown in competitions from