FloGrown Partners with the Coastal Conservation Association

FloGrown Partners with the Coastal Conservation Association

Safeguarding Florida’s Marine Life:

The preservation and conservation of the Sunshine State’s ecosystem is a responsibility all Floridians share. To do our part in protecting Florida’s marine resources, FloGrown has proudly partnered with the Coastal Conservation Association. CCA Florida has over 40 chapters throughout the state that dedicate their time and effort to protecting and restoring the health, habitat and sustainability of marine life. We are excited to support nearly 20,000 CCA Florida members as they deliver positive, meaningful change to our local environment.

Anglers United for a Cause

In 1977, a small group of recreational anglers in Texas created the Gulf Coast Conservation Association to advocate for marine resource conservation. What started as an effort to turn the tide against harmful commercial overfishing in the Long Star State soon flourished into a powerful movement that continues to influence nation-wide legislation impacting marine life from the canal to the coast.

The Florida Conservation Association joined the Coastal Conservation Association in 1985. Since then, the fifth chapter of the CCA has been instrumental in changing the way anglers enjoy and engage with Florida’s marine life. Some of their notable accomplishments include:

• Establishing the first recreational saltwater fishing license in FL.
• Establishing a purse seine netting sanctuary in Tampa Bay to protect and repopulate foraged fish stocks diluted by commercial fishing.
• Mandating the use of by-catch reduction devices in shrimp trawls in all state waters.
• Supporting the passing of a sargassum protection plan in the state.
• Promoting legislation banning unnecessary killing of tarpon.

Today, CCA Florida continues to add amazing accomplishments to their long history of marine resource conservation. Their success is directly attributed to the thousands of men, women, children and businesses that support their ongoing quest to allow Floridians and Florida’s diverse marine life to live, play and grow together in harmony.

FloGrown & CCA: Protecting Florida’s Waters, One T-Shirt at a Time

Though the CCA was founded by anglers, their efforts extend far beyond the fishing pole. Man-made products like fertilizers produce runoff that enters our local waters. These problems multiply as pollutants seep out as far as 30 miles from our shores. The CCA’s conservation initiatives strive to protect our waters both within and surrounding the state.

At FloGrown, we share in the CCA’s passion for marine life conservation. As one of the many Florida-based organizations that FloGrown supports, all endeavors carried about by CCA Florida directly impact our local waters. We’ve donated $30,000 worth of FloGrown merchandise to CCA Florida, including an exclusive CCA/FloGrown collaborative t-shirt that is now available on our website. We believe that dynamic organizations like CCA Florida are able to responsibly manage their resources to maximize their positive impact on our environment.

We encourage you to visit the CCA Florida website to learn more about their efforts and how you can join the mission to protect and restore our marine resources. You can also show your support by purchasing one of our CCA Charity Tees. Proceeds from each t-shirt sold will go directly to fund the CCA’s current conservation efforts in our Floridian waters.

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