Who is the real Florida Man?

Who is the real Florida Man?

The legend of the Florida Man is one that has been passed down for many generations. Each time it's told, it changes and becomes distorted. There are many across the nation who think they know the Florida Man but are wholly mistaken to his abilities and demeanor. To the locals, the Florida Man is known to be agile, fearless, capable, adventurous, and bold. 

He's said to have become one with nature and conquered his surroundings, taming the native beasts to work for him. He's rumored to have created complex machinery to conquer the elements and mastered his sense of all fear. Some aren't even sure he's a man at all.

One thing everyone can agree on, is that you do not want to **** with the Florida Man.


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Behind the Scenes

In creating this video, we got to work with some of Florida's most incredible natives. Being able to highlight the absolute talent and determination behind what they do day in and day out was the inspiration for making this piece. For ages, the "Florida Man" has had a type of stigma to it that is completely inaccurate. We are taking the title back and wearing it as a badge of honor to represent the most capable and underestimated men and women in the nation.

Python Cowboy (Trapper Mike)

One of the most notorious trappers in the state, Trapper Mike is an invasive species hunter unlike any other. Known on social media as Python Cowboy, he can frequently be seen eradicating pythons from the everglades, taking out Iguanas in South Florida, and hunting hogs with his dog pack. The lead and most famous of the dogs, Moose, can be seen in the video accompanying him on his hunt.

Instagram: @pythoncowboy

Leigha Heverly

The horse-racing, lip-ripping legend that gives the Florida Woman a good name. When she's not 60 miles offshores pulling out heroes, she spends her time barrel racing horses and competing around the country. As accomplished and established chiropractor, Leigha is as smart as she is adventurous.

Instagram: @lilhev_leigha

Antonio Brown (Authentik Savage)

Ever-adventurous and capable, this Authentik Savage is Florida's self-proclaimed Chocolate Cowboy. An enthusiast of most outdoor activities, Antonio has a strong proclivity for bow hunting and archery. He can be found competing in local archery and shooting competitions in South Florida, providing archery lessons to 300+ students, and running his brand Authentik Savage which offers an array of outdoor excursions, archery products, and includes a full functioning informational blog.

Instagram: @theincredibletone


A true man of the people, Bobby spends his days traversing the St. Johns River on his custom made airboat when he's not spending time with his 5 children. Now retired, Bobby enjoys the soothing environment of nature and being in his element.


Now a substantial wildlife preserve, Gatorland was founded 73 years ago and has become a staple of the Central Florida area. Their intelligent and capable staff is comprised of incredible men and women who truly care for the animals they study and maintain. Among their inhabitants, you can see gators, American crocodiles, bobcats, Florida panthers, native snakes and more.

Instagram: @gatorland_orlando

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